Mining, Power Plant and Civil industry

One of PT Geocean Indonesia's greatest strengths is being able to offer services that adjust equipment and method statements to marine projects in difficult environments known as“special works”.

PT Geocean Indonesia scope of services involves the installations of:

Large diameters Marine intake & outfall & pipelines in GRP or HDPE pipeline (up to 3m OD), Concrete or steel pipeline for :
  • Mining
  • Power plant
  • Desalinisation plants
  • Sea Water Air Conditioning - SWAC  laying up to 900m Water depth
  • Sewage
  • Drainage
Other special application infrastructures:
  • Warf
  • Jetty/Quays
  • Bridges
  • Underwater platforms
Adjusting the means and the methods PT Geocean’s engineers can design original, competitive, andreliable solutions that meet specific working requirements such as:
  • Deep-water, high resolution dredging
  • Accurate underwater earth moving
  • Detection and removal of buried objects
  • Installation of submarine structures
  • pipeline and submarine structures decommissioning
  • Unburial of sensitive objects
  • Pollution response



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