Oil and Gas Industry

PT GEOCEAN Indonesia has been established to comply with the growing needs of the local offshore oil and gas industry in Indonesia and the remaining of the Asia Pacific Market.

Since its creation PT GEOCEAN Indonesia focuses on the costal work and shallow water areas where we have become leader and specialists performing Pipelaying in extreme shallow water conditions.

PT GEOCEAN Indonesia owns and operates a new purpose built shallow water pipelay barge named KALINDA specifically designed for the segments we work in and showing an efficient 1.5m operating draft allowing us to lay pipelines from 4” to 42” in diameter from 0m up to 70m Water depth. Presence of our Indonesian flag barge and equipments is our answer to our clients needs in terms of trust and commitment providing them with the latest suitable equipment and completion in time of their projects.

Our Oil and Gas scope of services includes:
  • Shallow water Pipeline Installation:
    • Pipeline shore approach
    • Subsea rigid pipelines and risers installation
    • Subsea flexible pipelines and risers installation
    • Tie-in spools,
    • Bottom pull, rentis, pipe laying methods and shore crossings
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM and CBM) systems installation including Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM) and other underwater structures
  • Offshore pipeline and small platforms decommissioning
  • Pre and Post trenching for offshore pipeline installation.
  • Offshore concrete gravity structures
  • Warf, jetties berths and other marine load out facilities for the receipt and export of products such as LNG, LPG, aviation fuel, diesel and fuel oils.
  • Offshore piling operations
  • Free span correction
  • Offshore Horizontal Directional Drilling with associated Group sister company (HDI)





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